About Mich(a)el

michel beckers


Michel Beckers was born and raised in the Netherlands (Den Haag & Amsterdam) as a son of a Belgian diplomat (Chancellor). Since the age of ten, he had to live four years in Israel (as a goy), frequenting a French international school. Moved to & stayed two years in Italy (Rome), followed by three years in Portugal. Travelled many times to Asia, North- and black Africa and South-America. Finally he came back to his "own native" country, where he received the appropriate remark: "So you say you're Belgian, but you don't really sound like one; more like a crazy Jewish French Creole, going Dutch.."


After courses at the circusschool in Brussels, the Antwerp improvisation liga and mime school, he left for Chile and Argentina in '96, where he revealed myself as "Mr. Cascadîa". Later he named himself "Torch Michael", (read: "Tôrtsj Maekel", a metafore with 'torch' and George Michael) into "Teorge Michael" (to avoid misunderstandings...all in vain though). Meanwhile he performed his astonishing, original and intimate 5 completely (mostly self-taught) different acts for Streettheatre-Circus & music festivals all over Western Europe, South America and East-Asia, receiving laughter, applause and numerous prizes.


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