About Mich(a)el


Realising how boringly hard the mastery of juggling tricks can be.


I was born and raised in the Netherlands as a son of a Belgian diplomat. Since the age of ten, lived four years in the middle east (as a goy), frequenting a French international school. Moved to & stayed two years in Italy, followed by three years in Portugal. Travelled many times to Asia, Africa and South-America. Came back to my "own native" country, where I received the appropriate remark: "you don't really sound like a Belgian; R U Polish?.."


After courses at the circusschool in Brussels, the Antwerp improvisation liga and mime school, I left for Chile and Argentina in '96, where I revealed myself as "Mr. Cascadîa". Later I created "Torch Michael", (read: "Tôrtsj Maekel", a metafore with 'torch' and George Michael) into "Teorge Michael" (to avoid misunderstandings..all in vain). Meanwhile I performed my astonishing, original and intimate 3 completely different acts all over Western Europe, South America and East-Asia, receiving laughter, applause and numerous prizes.