Technical conditions;

superficie min. 3m x 3m (with the bicycle; like 10m x 10m), height 3,5m, dry & flat (no grass!). Set up; 5 minutes.

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Welcome 2 'Bapo' the horn man!

'Bapo' is a funny musical performance, with 22 different chromatically tuned bulb horns firmly attached all over his overall (& cap), which consists of an extensive repertoire of various classic evergreen tunes, up to those of rock, pop, jazz, folkloric, latino & blues combined with balance, juggling on 2 big drums, dance, slapstick & a loop-station for a self-handmade bass ukulele. The show is well suited 4 young & old as a fixed or walking-act for venues such as street- and music festivals, car-free Sundays or at any other kind of celebrating festivities.The duration of each act is 35 minutes, which can be performed 3 times daily.

A keyboard and a circus bicycle are included in every fixed performance!

New: The Christmass horn-performance.

The Melodies that I honk are; Me gusta (M. Chao) - William tell overture (Rossini) - Cello Suite (J.S. Bach) - Ode 2 joy (Beethoven) - Blaue Donau (Strauss) - Spring; while juggling 3 balls (A. Vivaldi) - Fuer Elise/ the 5th (Beethoven) - Rock solid/ 12 bar blues (trad.) - Rock 'round the clock (B. Haley) - I walk the line (J. Cash) - In the mood (G. Miller) - Take five (D. Brubeck) - My way (F. Sinatra) - Purple rain (Prince) - Money (P. Floyd) - Sharp dressed man (ZZ top) - Smoke on the water (D. Purple) - Pink panther (H. Mancini) - Billie Jean (M. Jackson) - Star wars (J. Williams) - Stir it up (B. Marley) - La cumparsita; while balancing music stand/bicycle on head (trad.) - Popcorn (G. Kingsley) - Stand by me (B. E. King) - Feelings (M. Albert) - Chopsticks (E. Allen) - La cucaracha (trad.) - Irish washerwoman (J. Playford's) - Hava Nagila (trad.) - Sailor's horn (J. Dale) - Kalinka (trad.) - Mas que nada (S. Mendes) - Flamenco piece - La Marseillaise (C.J. Rouget de Lisle) - Always look on the bright side of life (Monty Python) - Mary had a littke lamb (S.J. Hale) - Freed from desire (Gala) - 007 (M. Norman) - Vogeltjesdans (De electronicas) - Funeral march (Chopin) - Happy birthday (trad.) - The entertainer (S. Joplin) ...