The horn man plays Bach, Bill Haley, Prince, folk music and much more

Welcome 2 'Bapo' the horn man!

'Bapo' is a funny musical performance, with 22 different chromatically tuned bulb horns firmly attached all over his overall (& cap), which consists of an extensive repertoire of rock, pop, jazz, folkloric, latino & blues up to various classic evergreen tunes, combined with balance, juggling, dance, slapstick & a loop-station for a bass ukulele. The show is well suited 4 young & old as a fixed or walking-act for venues such as street- and music festivals or at any other kind of celebrating festivities.The duration of each act is 35 minutes, which can be performed 3 times daily.


A keyboard and a circus bicycle are included in every fixed performance!

Technical conditions;

superficie min. 3m x 3m (with the bicycle; like 10m x 10m), height 3,5m, dry & flat (no grass!). Set up; 5 minutes.