The Streettheatre Circus Show

fiets op hoofd
jongleren op drums


THE "EARTH" WITHOUT "ART" IS JUST "EH..", might be the slogan which triggered me years ago to start practice circus skills (acrobatics -mainly on bicycle-, juggling, clowning & "magic" tricks) because I knew that an 'average' 9 -2- 5 job wasn't giving me live fulfillment... Instead I practised the mentioned disciplines from 5 -2- 9...


Now, I perform my daring and funny acrobatics, orthogonal, musical and verbal juggling with crystal-, base-, billiard- and bouncing balls, surprising magic tricks with daily objects, slapstick gags, giant soap bubbles and neckbreaking energetic acro bicycle tricks with great pleasure! Using also a high 3-legged flimsy table & 5 drums; Teorge Michael can deal with it with his 30-, stretcheable to 45 minutes, interactive international streetcircus 'Myster X'-show; ending with a flamboyant and balanced hot finale!
This original performance is musically accompanied, publicly interactive, executable & understandable in many languages (English, French, Spanish, German and/or Dutch) and appropriate for almost every age.
It is well suited for streettheatre, festivals, fairs, car-free Sundays and much more!

Technical conditions:

Surface needed: minimum 8 m x 8 m, height 3,5 m. Set-up and dismantling: each approx. 20 minutes. Maximum 2 x 30' performances per day-part (in between 5 hours in general).


You can book me personally through the contact form, or through various artist agencies, such as John Goeman Theaterbureau, Karel van den Broek, Thienponts, Govers evenementen, Theo Degen, Totaal theater & many others..