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All 3 shows of Street theatre artist 'Teorge Michael' (the horn guy / Circus show/ Pierrot Resort) are suitable for outdoor street theater (various festivals, party committees, braderies, open days etc.) as for indoor galas or animation . Read the terms (vn of the surface) that are described separately for each act. You are free to book through me as well as with an artist agency. If you want to book multiple days, I will give you a 15% discount. I do not always count the same price; not everybody has the same budget ... so the different rates are not mentioned. The prices that I charge are, compared to other artists & artist agencies, considered reasonable (sometimes too) cheap. At the moment, I'm (practically) practicing beatboxing and additions to my 'tunes' with microphone effects ... Fun activity! - According to some irritating Seo (search engine optimalization) analyzing checks, I don't have enough text on this homepage. So for the sake of scoring better points; I love yoga, sailing (working in free time on problems with the shaft of my old vintage sailboat though; I intend to sail to the Canary islands on coming winter), swimming in clear seawater, playing piano (mostly blues & jazz), singing & beatboxing (my new crush/hobby) and travelling to warm countries where fruits are 'really' fruity.... I hate eating liver, moaning people & ridiculous, absurd taxes poor people have to pay and rich ones don't (Starbucks, Essers, Trump etc.). Well I've got some more (gossip) written down now....Happy now, Seo-website checker?-