Welcome to ' Eddi the thick cyclist!

'Eddy is quite'stuck'because of his fatness, and is bothered by it; that is because he has smuggled in too much junk food ... He can cycle reasonably well, and he wants to prove it oh so badly! ... Only there are things he can not do with such a size , and he goes in search of a miracle pill that suddenly makes him lose weight; and effectively, after having taken hold of it, his eyes bulge out first, but then he can suddenly take out all kinds of acrobatic rides; and more!....

' Eddy, the thick Driver ' is an original comic bicycle-performance with akrobatics on a trick-bike. This performance is suitable as a mobile act in the purest sense of the word, for occasions when Street-and music festivals (also for fairs, car-free Sundays and the like), and, of course, suitable for the young & old. The duration per animation is 30 ', up to a maximum of 3 times per session.

Technical requirements;

Surface min. 1 meter free Flex space between the artist and the rest (either public or material), preferably dry, hard, flat & maximum 5% incline. Set up; 5 minutes time to the suit to blow up and possibly get some face painting. You can book me personally via the contact-form, or through various artists Agency, such as Karel van den Broek, Thienponts, John Goeman Theaterbureau, Stage that, Music enterprise productions, Govers evenementen & quite a few others..