Welcome to ' Eddi the thick cyclist!

' Eddy, the thick Driver ' is an original comic bicycle-performance with akrobatics on a trick-bike. This performance is suitable as a mobile act in the purest sense of the word, for occasions when Street-and music festivals (also for fairs, fairs and the like), and, of course, suitable for the young & old. The duration per animation is 30 ', up to a maximum of 3 times per session.

Technical requirements;

Surface min. 1 meter free Flex space between the artist and the rest (either public or material), preferably dry, hard, flat & maximum 5% incline. Set up; 5 minutes time to the suit to blow up and possibly get some face painting. You can book me personally via the contact-form, or through various artists Agency, such as Karel van den Broek, Thienponts, John Goeman Theaterbureau, Stage that, Music enterprise productions, Govers evenementen & quite a few others..